Band on the Strand 2018 – A Parent’s Guide

This is a Mayo Foróige led event. This event is on the Foróige Buddy System, so Foróige teen members can bring their non- Foróige friends so they can experience a Foróige led event.

Tickets are only 20 euro for Foróige members, 25 euro for non-members and light-up wristbands are five euro each.

A good policy to follow if bringing a ‘Plus one’ to Band On The Strand:

Your members plus one must:

  1. 1, Be in your own age bracket, plus or minus one year, example, if you are 14 years of age, your plus one must be aged 13, 14 or 15.
  2. Come in person to a club night along with his or her parent or guardian and sign a permission slip. NO “plus one” permission slips will be signed outside of club.
  3. Agree to pay, in advance the 25 euro for the ticket and 10 euro for the bus.
  4. Travel with members and be dropped off at same location, with member, coming home.
  5. You MUST be a secondary school student. NO NATIONAL SCHOOL STUDENTS PERMITTED.

All leaders should meet ALL plus one’s and their parent or guardian in person prior to this event. All Foróige members are responsible for their non Foróige plus one and you must make your plus one aware of Foróige rules.

Below are some frequently asked questions:

What is Band on the Strand?

Band on the Strand or ‘BOTS’ for short is an open air, youth music festival that is held every summer. It takes place on the Lacken Strand in north Mayo.

How much are Band on The Strand tickets?

20 euro for registered Foróige members and 25 euro for all plus ones.

Are bags permitted into Band On The Strand?

NO BAGS OF ANY SIZE will be permitted off the bus on arrival. Leaders are permitted to carry bags, but while permitted this is still not advised.

Will there be alcohol at this event, legal or otherwise?

This is strictly a no alcohol event. No alcohol is allowed into the venue and no alcohol will be offered for sale within the venue. All children/bags SHOULD be searched before boarding the bus at his or her starting point by their own Foróige leaders. If any child is found with or under the influence of alcohol, then a parent or guardian will be contacted to come and collect that child straight away.

On arrival event staff can request to again search the children or indeed the bus. No large bags of ruck sacks will be permitted leave the bus making it almost impossible for alcohol to enter this event.






Is smoking permitted at Band on The Strand?

This is a NO SMOKING EVENT, this applies to both adults and young people alike. Leaders are free to leave the event and return to the bus carparks if they feel the need to smoke. Again, this is not advisable as it may set a bad example to the teen members present.

Why do I have to list my “T.Y. and older members” separately when applying for tickets, are all tickets not the same?

This year the organizers of BOTS 2018 have decided to offer a little treat or special reward to all older Foróige members as a little thank you for choosing to stay on in Foróige, so this year all these older members (TY and up) will have access to a special marquee to the side of the main stage with lots of special treats just for them. This marquee may also be visited throughout the evening by some of the performing acts.

Please note, this is for ‘this years’ TY, 5th and Leaving Cert. age on or before July 1st 2017 and does not apply to this years’ 3rd year students, while this year’s 3rd years are going into TY they are effectively not in TY just yet.

What are the start and finish times for Band on the Strand?

BOTS runs from 7pm until 1am. However, gates into the event open at 6pm and will close at 7pm SHARP. You must arrive between 6pm and 7pm.

Where will Band On The Strand take place?

Band on the Strand takes place on Lacken Strand in North Mayo. The tide will be out and the strand is ring- fenced so all attending are safely secured inside a designated area of the strand.

On your GPS 54°16’27.0″N 9°15’23.6″W or you will find Google Maps directions here.

What time are the buses leaving/arriving back?

This will be based on geographical distance of the club from Lacken and will be gauged by the local leaders in your area.  It is therefore necessary to get details regarding travel from your local club.

What should I wear to this event?

As with all outdoor events here in Ireland, expect the unexpected as far as the weather is concerned. Dress for the weather on the day bearing in mind it can get cool after dark also keep in mind, this strand is located in North Mayo and it isn’t unusual to get heavy evening showers at any time of the year. Some midge repellant is also a good item to have with you. This event takes place on a sandy strand so everyone is advised to wear low, flat casual footwear.

How many people will attend Band On The Strand?

2017’s event was attended by just over 3,000 young people from all over Ireland. Slightly larger numbers are expected to attend this year.

How much are the ticket’s?

  • €20 for Foróige members.
  • €25 for everyone else, example, plus one’s.
  • €5 for L.E.D. wristbands.

When is payment due?

Payment for tickets is due now.

Who can attend this event?

This is a Foróige led event so any members of a Foróige club or  a buddy (plus one) with permission from a Foroóige club can attend this event.

How safe is Band on The Strand?

As with all Foróige events, we can assure you that your child won’t find a safer, more secure event anywhere else. This event is attended by 100’s of adults from Foróige clubs all over Ireland and everyone there, looks out for everyone else.

How is Band On The Strand supervised?

Again, as with all Foróige events, you will have 1 adult present for every 8 children attending the event. Outside Foróige, no other event anywhere has this level of supervision at a teen event. Along with Foróige volunteers there will also be hired in security staff to also manage this event.

What other costs will be involved?  Is food included in the ticket price?

This is a huge music festival with a number of top Irish bands and DJ’s playing live, the amazingly low 20 euro ticket price for Foróige members is purely for entry into the event and food is not included in that. There are a number of food stalls and chip vans on site for everyone to purchase food from. These vendors do very good meal deals so the food and drink is not too expensive.

There are also some vendors on site selling official event merchandise, key rings, T-shirts etc. but you are not obliged to purchase any of these unless you really want too. If you are bringing money with you to this event, please DO NOT bring large bills like 50 euro notes as most event stands or food trailers will refuse to take them.

My Questions is not addressed above, who do I contact?

For direct info regarding this event we suggest you contact 086 3792787 / 086 3862094  or your local Foróige club.

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