by Melissa Mcloughlin

Hello everyone

My name is Melissa Mcloughlin and I have recently been elected as the new chairperson for Mayo Foroige. I just want to congratulate all the 27 mayo foroige clubs who recently entered Foroige’s got talent on Saturday the 10th of February. Well done to all the acts you did all your clubs and leaders proud. The talent was outstanding in everyone and well done to all the runners up in the categories. Congratulations to the winning acts who will now represent Mayo in the finals in Carlow on Saturday the 14th of April. The acts that won the following categories were: Irishtown Juniors who won the variety act.

Castlebar Foroige won the singing category.

Tooreen Foroige who won the musical group.

Irishtown Seniors who won the dance category.

The word has to be said for Stephen Burke who puts his heart and soul in to Foroige and for making sure everything was running smoothly on the night. There was a great attendance on the night with just over 600+ audience and we were all entertained for just over 4 hours. It is always a great night and everyone enjoyed themselves.

So on behalf of Mayo Foroige I would just like to wish all the acts the very best of luck on the 14th of April and no matter what the outcome is just remember you represented Mayo on the night and your clubs.


Melisa Mcloughlin (Mayo Foroige Chairperson)

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