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New Responsive website for Mayo Foróige

Thanks for checking out the new website for Mayo Foróige. As the organisation has grown so much over the past few years, so too has the need for an effective online platform though which we can keep in touch with each other but also keep in touch with the rapid evolution of technology. Given that most of our members and leaders also are accessing the web through smartphones, our primary aim was to create a website that is fully mobile responsive.

The website has been built and is maintained by volunteer leaders in the organisation and it is our hope that more volunteer leaders and members will become involved in its continued development. Unfortunately, in an era where more and more aspects of daily living are becoming technology-based, our education system is not perhaps adapting at the pace necessary, we hope that the website may offer an opportunity for clubs to gain basic IT skills, which in turn may benefit their local communities.

The website is built using the WordPress platform which in itself is a collective community effort not dissimilar to Foróige in that it is a lot of people making small contributions for the greater good. Much of the success of Foróige here in Mayo can be attributed to collaborative efforts and also to giving and receiving feedback, and we hope that this can continue in respect of the website. Let us know if you see spot any typos, errors and if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

We hope over time to be able to accommodate the 70 or so clubs in Mayo in having a basic page where Club information can be shared. Most importantly we hop that clubs will start to share their experiences by posting news items about their activities so that other clubs may learn, and in time we will have a “pool” of activities.

Can we ask clubs to submit information to us by emailing OR preferably send a Leader’s name/ email and we can set you up an admin on the site, and you can submit and edit your club’s page.

  • Club Name
  • Age Groups
  • Locations served
  • Location – Address, please include eircode so that we can add to Clubs Map
  • Contact Details: Please be wary of using your personal email address, consider setting up a specific email for the club that can be accessed by a number of Leaders, and can be passed on to new Leaders
  • Club Photograph – 1 photograph (If possible reduce size using an application such as
  • Short paragraph (200 words) about the club

You can also submit News items in the same way either by emailing with Club name and no more than one reduced size photograph.

Bernard Joyce, District Council PRO 2017

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